Ford Focus Design Features

One of the best-selling compact cars on the market today, the Ford Focus should be one of the first cars you consider whenever you are looking to buy a new car. Why? If a car's design is the first thing you notice about it, then this should be at the top of your list for a new compact car.

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Reversing in the 2018 Ford Fusion

In many vehicles, the process of backing up requires you to turn your head in uncomfortable ways. Even then, you don't always get a clear view. In the 2018 Ford Fusion, you can back up without any issues. The popular mid-sized sedan is available with standard and optional features to make the act a bit easier.

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Check Your Surrounding in the 2018 Ford Expedition

Anyone that has driven a large vehicle knows that it can be tough to check your surroundings without additional help. The 2018 Ford Expedition takes care of that problem. The popular full-sized SUV utilizes advanced cameras to give you a clear view of the environment around you.

A 360-degree camera system is available for the Expedition. Instead of a single camera, it uses four. 

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Why the New Ford Explorer is Turning Heads This Year with Technology Features

The new Ford Explorer is the three-row SUV that drivers are talking about this year mostly because of all the technology features within.

Staying safer on the road just got easier in your new Explorer. This vehicle has the adaptive cruise control system working after you set the speed, by scanning the road ahead for any vehicle that might be moving slower than yours.

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Ford Escape Extends its Exceptional Style Beyond the Exterior

The 2018 Ford Escape is practical, yet stylish enough, for any type of driver. The SUV makes an ideal choice for every day driving needs, without giving up style, technology, and comfort. As a popular compact SUV, the Escape provides a lot more in the inside than what appears from the outside.

Once you step into the inside cabin of the Escape, you find exceptional interior features. The available Panoramic Vista Roof opens the sky above to all occupants for thorough enjoyment. 

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Ford Fiesta ST Performance Features That Upgrade Your Commute

Currently, one of the most popular performance hatchbacks at our dealership is the Ford Fiesta ST. Our customers report high levels of satisfaction with its power, flexibility and performance features.

Euro-inspired suspension helps you keep control of your vehicle in the midst of winding and narrow roads. This feature enhances the vehicle's performance as it allows you to drive safely and comfortably in some of the more difficult settings. It helps to ensure vehicle stability and contributes to the vehicle's durability. 

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Performance and style in your Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST has been engineered with performance in mind. Just what features are available on this popular compact performance hatchback?

Monitoring your various systems such as the turbo boost, oil pressure, and other functions can help you keep track of performance. With the 4.2 LCD display system, you can customize your instrument panels to give you the performance information that you need when going down the road.

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Brake Pads: How do They Work?

In any vehicle, the brakes are one of the most important safety features. As with all safety features, it is important to understand how they work, and how they contribute to keeping you safe on the road. The most common type of brakes are disc brakes, which use a set of brake pads pressed tightly against a disc attached to each wheel to slow the wheels down, thus bringing the car to a stop.

Disc brakes can use pads made from a few different materials, such as ceramic or semi-metallic...

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The Ford Edge has Technology Features to Help You Stay Safe

There are technological advances that have been made that can help your vehicle look out for you. There is new technology that can help you stay safe when driving. The Ford Edge is a popular mid-size SUV and it has technology to help you stay safe.

The Ford Edge gives you the option to get set up with a BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert system that will help you to know when someone is in your blind spot and keep from moving into that vehicle. 

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