What is a Wheel Alignment?

Adding new tires to your vehicle usually includes an alignment. It’s a good rule of thumb to include an alignment check during the annual routine maintenance of your vehicle. If you’ve recently gone through some rough road and notice a change in your car’s handling, you may need to have it realigned.

Sometimes, people automatically correct the steering wheel when the wheels are out of alignment. Misaligned wheels can have a major impact on your vehicle’s performance. For one thing, it causes your car to work harder to turn the wheels, so that creates more fuel…

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Have You Seen the Ford Escape's Technology Features?

The Ford Escape is a roomy and technology-driven crossover SUV. Driving on the interstate can be a challenge, and the Ford Escape's Blind Spot Information System has you covered. It uses radar to alert you the presence of another vehicle by lighting an indicator in your side mirror.

The Ford Escape also features a cross-traffic alert system. If you're backing out of a parking space, the system sounds an audible alert and turns on a light indicator when another vehicle is in the path of your Ford Escape.

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Enjoy The Features Of The SYNC 3 Infotainment System

There are many advantages to having a communication system in your automobile. People nowadays are accustomed to gaining access to all of their information no matter where they are in the world. A smartphone or laptop computer allows people to reach out to anyone they desire. They are also able to be entertained through various forums. Cars are expected to provide the same amenities these days. The Ford SYNC 3 system is designed to give modern drivers exactly that.

The steering wheel provides a push-button element to basic tools. The touchscreen on the Ford SYNC 3...
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The 2018 Ford Edge is a Great Vehicle for Long Trips

When you are looking for a vehicle for your family, you are looking for something that will stand up well when you head off on long road trips and adventures. The 2018 Ford Edge is a great pick for you.
  • The 2018 Ford Edge offers you decent fuel-efficiency, giving you 21 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway.
  • The 2018 Ford Edge gives your family a comfortable experience when you travel in it.
  • The 2018 Ford Edge has a sleek appearance, helping you to feel proud of it when you are on the road.
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