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Brake Pads: How do They Work?

In any vehicle, the brakes are one of the most important safety features. As with all safety features, it is important to understand how they work, and how they contribute to keeping you safe on the road. The most common type of brakes are disc brakes, which use a set of brake pads pressed tightly against a disc attached to each wheel to slow the wheels down, thus bringing the car to a stop.

Disc brakes can use pads made from a few different materials, such as ceramic or semi-metallic...

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What is a Wheel Alignment?

Adding new tires to your vehicle usually includes an alignment. It’s a good rule of thumb to include an alignment check during the annual routine maintenance of your vehicle. If you’ve recently gone through some rough road and notice a change in your car’s handling, you may need to have it realigned.

Sometimes, people automatically correct the steering wheel when the wheels are out of alignment. Misaligned wheels can have a major impact on your vehicle’s performance. For one thing, it causes your car to work harder to turn the wheels, so that creates more fuel…

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