Why Custom Ordering a new car can be your best choice!

Chip shortages, oh my!

With the ongoing worldwide semiconductor chip shortage, dealership inventories across the nation are much lower than normal. You can skip the line! Ford gives Custom Orders priority when it comes to production! You can effectively jump to the front of the line by ordering your Ford, your way!

What are the benefits of a custom order?

You don’t pay for features you won’t use.
You want the vehicle configured in a specific way.
You want a vehicle that has little to no inventory available.

How much can custom ordering a car save?

At the bare minimum, ordering a vehicle saves dealers the costs of having a vehicle sit in inventory. Additionally, as discussed above, ordering your vehicle can help you avoid paying extra costs for unwanted features which can add up to even greater savings.
Custom ordering a vehicle at O’Meara means you only pay MSRP or lower for your vehicle!

Can I take advantage of current incentives?

Depending on the offer, you may be able to lock in current incentives. Many times, the incentives may be better at the time your vehicle arrives.
Most manufacturers will expect you to wait to take advantage of any rates and incentives available until the time of delivery.

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