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2017 Ford Explorer Elicits Smiles from MotorWeek Staffers

Has your new-car search led you to the full-size SUV segment? Well, if so, we here at O'Meara Ford think you might like to have a good, long look at ours, the 2017 Explorer.

Why, though?

The fine folks of MotorWeek are here today to provide some context; team up with them in the clip below:

Drivers desiring a high-flying feel from the Explorer are sure to receive exactly that with its turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine option.

Available exclusively with the Sport and Platinum trims, the turbo-V6 pairs with a six-speed automatic transmission to produce a plenteous 365…

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2 Summertime Driving Hazards and How to Avoid Them

In Northglenn, we see extreme temperatures in both summer and winter. While most drivers focus on winter hazards, like deep snow and ice, summertime heat can pose just as much threat—or more—to your car.

Battery Failure

High temperatures kill car batteries. For every 15 degrees above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the life of your car's battery is sliced in half.

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Categories: Critiques the Incredible 2017 Ford Focus RS

Though it's only been around for a few short years, it seems as though the Focus RS, Ford's hot hatchback, is wasting absolutely no time in establishing a name for itself. Here at O'Meara Ford, it's fast become a favorite among shoppers and staffers alike.

Wondering why that is?

Then, click "play" on the clip below; here now to deliver the need-to-know details about the Focus RS is Road Test Editor Dan Ilika:

Beneath the bonnet of the Focus RS, a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine holds court with a six-speed manual transmission. Equipped…

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Better Fuel Economy Starts Before You Drive

People have this notion that fuel economy is only aided if they are on the road, and aren't doing certain things. That can help, but there's a few things that you can do away from the road to help your cause. If you're serious about getting more MPG, then consider a few quick tips.

Properly Inflate Tires

Your tires have to be properly inflated, and at the correct pressure. If you don't know what this is, go to a mechanic, and get a little help. You need to have this properly done, or you will risk…

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Begin an All-New Lifestyle with the 2017 Ford Escape

For the last 115 years families and businesses alike have sought after Ford vehicles to get from point A to point B. Now, with the 2017 Ford Escape you can do so with the latest in safety equipment, options, comfort and did we mention safety? More powerful than its predecessors, the 2017 model is the perfect choice for grocery trips or camping trips. It has received top marks from many institutions like and

Therefore, not only can you go to more places but you can get even more out of each gallon you put in the…
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There's a Fiesta for You


A photo posted by Ford Motor Company (@ford) on

If you are a budget-conscious driver looking to find an affordable vehicle, then take a look at the 2017 Ford Fiesta. Starting at $13,660 with lease payments less than $200, you cannot beat the EPA standard mileage estimate of 27/34 mpg. Whether it is the sedan or the hatchback, the 2017 Fiesta has the beauty and styling of luxury cars. You will enjoy the ease of handling whether you are zipping across town or traveling across the country.

This is no stripped-down…
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TLC for Cars: Engine Oil Changes on a Regular, Recurrent Basis Can Move Mountains

If you want to move mountains and work miracles, then you simply need to take good care of your own working vehicle. Begin by maintaining its engine oil and replacing it as needed. You will surprised, astounded and amazed by the overall performance of your vehicle, after you have given it is proper amount of tender loving care or TLC, as they call it. Your car will not be quite the same after its due or over-due oil change, and you will begin to note that difference right away in the overall startup and lasting performance throughout the life of…
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U.S. Army Combat Veteran Honored by Ford


Are you ready to wipe a tear from your eye? Then watch this short Ford video, in which Marlene, a U.S. Army combat veteran, explains about her passion for being in the army and the injuries sustained while in combat overseas. She has no ideas the surprises waiting for her.

We honestly aren’t sure if Marlene was more excited about the 2018 Ford Mustang or the fact that it was presented by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, one of her favorite actors.


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